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Mentor and Host

Christoph Erbel is 59 years old, born in Germany and lives in Peru or Germany. He studied business administration and worked for more than 20 years in his own company as accountant. In this time, he specialized in consulting startups and mediation in which he has achieved a master degree. He helped people in private as well as in business conflicts. During this time, he got interested in the methods of NLP, family constellations and hypnotherapy to work deeper and more effective with his clients. He has developed a unique style where he is combining all the different methods depending on the specific question a client has. While transforming his life from a cool business to an open-hearted and empathic man he met Papa Victor Estrada, a shaman from Cusco/Peru, and became his disciple for 10 years. Together with Diana Dancourt they have been serving more than 2000 people in eight countries on their path of self-healing, self-knowledge, and self-realization.

He was initiated as a so called Chacaruna, which means “man on the bridge”. The image of the bridge is perfect to illustrate his attitude in the work and in life. As the bridge he is always there to be crossed to the higher version oneself. He is open to everyone who wants to liberate himself from traumas, limitations and blocking perspectives to live in peace, joy and happiness. He provides the space and the condition, but you have to walk by your own decision and willingness.

He shares his experience in single sessions, weekend seminars or retreats like this.


Tantra and Sexuality Teacher

Sarani Vilionyte, Sarani is an international Tantra teacher. She has been on the path of conscious sciences and meditation for over 20 years.

She studied with several masters and enlightened mystics in India, Japan, Brazil. Her studies range from the revolutionary roots of Vigyan Bhairav Tantra and Osho meditations to the studies of Primal Therapy with the Dr. Arthor Janov Institute in USA. Learning her skills in the different traditions from ancient to modern forms of Tantra, and her expertise in the science of Primal Therapy and Intuitive readings affords her a balance between therapy and meditation, love and consciousness.


Sarani’s unique skill set has made her a very popular teacher for women groups, tantra for singles and tantra for couples in Lithuania, China, Turkey, Bulgaria, Russia, Georgia and USA fo rover 15 years. Her passion about mystery of love and relationships and helping people has transformed thousands of lives worldwide.


Sarani is also the founder of Meilės kelias (Path of Love)- a meditation center and a successful publishing house in Lithuania.

During the retreat Sarani will explain you the body of  woman, the sexuality and the energies of a woman and men so you can connect with your partner on a deeper level.

FB group of Sarani.


Wim Hof method Trainer

Maris Zunda, biohacker, practitioner of reiki and only certified Wim Hof method trainer in Latvia, founder of “School of cold”. The story of Maris begins when he as working in the field of IT. Back then everything seemed great in theory – Maris was working in a great company among great colleagues. However, he still found himself lacking energy and joy in life. The turning point was Vim Hof's teaching, which changed Mari's life beyond recognition and was followed by many exciting series of events. Sure enough, in no time Maris became a better version of himself. However, the process is still is not over as there is always a place to strive for… Maris will share his knowledge as well as practical exercises to reconnect with your physical body and immune system so you too can feel and live better.

During the retreat Maris will teach you have to keep your physical body in balance, how to control your immune system through breathing exercises and embracing the cold, which is the great teacher by itself.


Creativity Teacher

I am Rolandas Žigonis, ten years ago I started to consciously create my own reality: by constantly expanding the boundaries of my consciousness with the help of various practices, by realizing myself through creation and living the life I once could only dream about. A deep connection with nature, the reestablishment of the connection between myself and Mother Earth contributed significantly to return to myself, remember my essence, and my talents, and to live in harmony.

During the retreat Rolandas will guide the specially prepared exercises to teach creativity. You will learn to free your creative part, do mistakes and many more.



With a background in arts and product design, Alex creates technology with soul. Originally from Transylvania, he recently moved back from London, UK to rediscover his roots & ancestry in his homeland. In his spare time, Alex is a photographer and artist.

During the retreat, Alex will turn his lens toward all of us and help in whichever way facilitates the process.


Assistant & Organisation

I participated in the first event held in Thailand that was organised by Christoph and Rolandas. I truly believe that it was something so special that all men should experience this. Therefore I am happy and grateful to be able to give my part in this journey to the inner man and help organizing the next event in my home-country Latvia.

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