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Sep 18-27/2020  Mikeltornis, Latvia

Early bird price*: EUR 900 + accomodation & food (EUR 400-480, depending on the room type)

Standard price: EUR 1,050 + accomodation & food (EUR 400-480, depending on the room type)


*till 15.07.2020


Mikeltornis, Latvia We will be staying in Pizaa Guesthouse, which is located at the west coast of the Baltic sea. The area is famous for its raw nature and beautiful, wild, and deserted white-sand beaches. More info: Precise map location here.






Whole guesthouse will be at the disposal of the participants. Upon registration you will be able to choose among single, double, tripple or other types of rooms. Price will slightly vary depending on the room type. More pictures here.





Sauna is in a separate building and will be used few times as part of the practices during the retreat.



Breakfast, lunch and dinner will be served every day and is included in the price. Upon registration you will be able to choose among vegan, vegetarian, or standard menus. You will also be able to order additional meal from the menu, if required.



The daily agenda is built in way to get rid of the blocks and release your inner energy. The agenda presented above might be slightly amended to fit the group, since during the retreat all men will go into deep and profound process of self-awareness and the speed of process might vary. There will be several meditation practices and sharing meetings held during the retreat to facilitate it and experience the support and the powerful energy in the circle together with other men.


First days of the retreat will be dedicated to meeting and awakening of your inner self, i.e. inner child, and facing traumas/blocks associated with it as well as to the connection to your mother and father. These are usually a very deep and profound energetic processes that will require a lot of energy and commitment. Special rituals will be held during these days to facilitate the processes. You are the most important part of the retreat so the mediators will be available and supportive for any question or process that comes up in you at any time of the retreat.


Then we will have day dedicated to bringing out the creativity part in men. This day will be spent mostly outside doing physical activity that will also related to the creativity. The latter part of the same day will be dedicated to the physical body, breathing and control of men’s immune system under the supervision of Maris Zunda, the only certified Wim Hof method trainer in Latvia. The aim of this day is also to relax the mind and spirit and be ready for the next days.


We will continue with diving into own’s life themes and followed by rebirth ceremony that will take place through a special ritual, which might last till 3:00 or 4:00 in the morning. This will probably be the most energetically consuming and transformative day of the retreat. However, this will be the day that you will remember for long as you will be transformed, and you will be able to feel the difference energetically and physically. This will be the first day of your new life!


During the next few days, you will be forming and strengthening your “new you”. You will discover and reconnect with your talents and resources that you were not be able to access before or maybe never realized possessing. It will be followed by a very insightful seminar of Sarani Vilionyte, the tantra teacher of more than 20 years, who will dive into the area relationships, sexuality, women’s body and accompanied by certain practices.


The last day of the practice in Sunday will start with a common meditation and following sharing that is always a valuable take-away for every participant and the trainers.


During the retreat Christoph will have an individual session with each of the participants and it is included in the price.


What to expect?

This is an intense and profound retreat. Most of the time will be spent in practices and rituals of transformative powers. It will be a challenge for everyone, and it might be that you will face painful insights and neglected feelings. But we assure you that this happens only to prepare you for your new life and so you can leave them behind. The outcome of this retreat depends very much on yourself. No one will push you to do anything. There are no religious or spiritual beliefs or convictions that you will have to accept. Instead, it is free and open since everyone is a unique expression of life. We will always be at your side and guide your through this inner journey, but you and only you will decide how far you want to go. This is not a competition either, but a communion of free men who support us also in difficult moments. We can only provide the frame and assist you in your process of self-healing, self-knowledge and self-realisation. We have the knowledge and the experience to guide you back to life. All we need is your: YES!


Christoph will make sure that there is time for everyone, and you will also be able to seek and discuss the issues and progress one-on-one.


How to prepare?

Be prepared to work individually with yourself. Working with oneself is sometimes the uncommon task, but this is also the most effective. If possible, prepare yourself few days before the retreat and avoid coming in “straight from the office” mood as it might make it more difficult to re-orientate from mind to soul work. Two weeks before the retreat you will receive a letter from us with some opening questions to focus to the upcoming retreat. There will be also a Facebook closed group where only participants will be allowed and will be guided on the few topics before the retreat.


To register, you have to apply by filling out your details in the link provided above. We will contact shortly after to agree on the details (type of accomodation, food preferences, payment details). After transfer of the 50% deposit, your place is secured.  The rest of the payment has to be transfered to the same account till September 4th. We will remind about that. 



The cost of retreat is comprised of the course price of EUR 900-1,050  and accommodation (400-480EUR), which is based on the room type chosen. The meals (3x per day) are included in the price. You will be able to select the type of meals (standard/vegetarian/vegan) upon registration. Thus, the TOTAL price will vary from EUR 1,250EUR till EUR 1,500 EUR, based on the registration date and type of accommodation chosen. You will have a choice to pay the amount in full or secure your place by paying a deposit of 50% and transferring the rest of the amount two weeks before the retreat.


Early-bird price till 15.07.2020.     -            900EUR + accomodation

Standard price from 16.07.2020.  -             1,050EUR + accommodation


Bank details for the payments:

Christoph Erbel

Sparkasse KölnBonn

Account: DE70370501980026262196


See you in Latvia!

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