"I died. But I was.reborn. Lot of practices were deep and profound. 

Biggest take-away is to take responsibility for yourself and your actions."

Ziuljenas Galeckas

" I was able to meet my inner feelings related to self-respect, self-betrayal and more. This retreat was like a new birth to me. And this new birth is giving me the impulse of totally new life"

Mantas Drakonas

" We are responsible for our own lives, what we are creating each day and each minute.  I am deeply grateful to Christopher. because he is the person besides whom it is great to grow. And I believe it is just the begining"

Rolandas Zigonis

"This was deep and profound journey. It touched me really deep. I was missing masculine energy, understanding.  We were one team, we helped each other. Thank you all for the new life , that I can breath free. Huge freedom in my heart."

Egidijus Tiesiog

"I realized that all my life I was listening to other people - my children, my wife, my parents. I was afraid to loose the persons that I loved. But in this way I was betraying myself and both sides were unhappy. I started to live my own values."

Henrikas Gordinskis

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